EMBRACE ME! ADOPTION AND FOSTER CARE—10 WAYS TO BECOME INVOLVED Not in the position to foster or adopt? There are other ways to serve a child and work alongside the Embrace Me! Ministry. Email us and we will meet with you individually. (Pray, Post, Provide, Perform, Participate, Sponsor, Partner, Volunteer Foster and Adopt). Visit for more information.

ANGER MANAGEMENT—UPON REQUEST (FEES APPLY) Anger is a basic human emotion. It is used to express negative feelings such as fear, rage, unhappiness, discontent, depression, etc. In these classes, we learn that anger is a learned response; therefore, we can unlearn those behaviors and “recondition” ourselves. We can gain control of ourselves! These classes satisfy the requirements for those who are mandated from the probation department, courts and human resource departments. Instructor: RJ Jackson—The Courage Giver. For more information, contact Lois Levitt at FAMILY WELLNESS/PARENTING SKILLS Family Wellness is an exciting nonjudgmental family education program focusing on strengthening family bonds and establishing clear communication and standards for behavior. Family Wellness teaches practical skills based on proven principles that strengthen, uphold and empower children and their families. Each session is designed to demonstrate and practice the skills using role-play and activities. Topics include but are not limited to: Discipline, Creating Consequences, Family Meetings, Raising Healthy Children and more. Families will learn: Practical lifelong skills to strengthen, support and empower them as parents, tools to build a healthy family structure, steps to improve communication and resolve conflict and ways to encourage and support one another. Instructor: RJ Jackson—The Courage Giver. For more information, contact Lois Levitt at


The Community Empowerment Classes are offered to persons in the community who are looking to improve their financial position with the tools and information imparted from the classes offered at the CityLink Resource Center. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, classes will be offered via Zoom and some live classes. Live classes will limit participants to ensure that social distancing standards are met. For class schedule, please contact Lois Levitt for dates and offerings. She can be reached at or 909.803.1059 x2004 .


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