Introduction One of the greatest blessings the Bible offers a believer is “The Promise of the Father.” This promise is referred to initially in Luke 24:49 and again in Acts 1:4, 2:33 and 2:38, Galatians 3:14 and Ephesians 1:13. These verses create an excitement and an anticipation of a fulfillment of life and possibility for all those who will be counted as New Testament believers. Much of the The Book of Acts, as well as many of the epistles, center around the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Yet the work of the Holy Spirit is likely the most misunderstood ministry in the entire Bible. His work is often abused and or misused creating a fear that keeps many who are hungry for a deeper and more meaningful walk with God at a distance. Much of the church has assigned the work of the Holy Spirit to certain denominations or groups of believers, a decision that insulates them from the challenge of working through all it takes to have a Spirit filled walk with Jesus. There is no question that the work of the Spirit can be difficult to understand. His work is often one clouded in mystery. Yet there are many practical examples in the Bible of the Spirit working in the day to day affairs of believers bringing life and passion as well as balance and integrity to ministry. The truth is, much of the work of the Spirit isn’t nearly as mystical as many Christians would like you to believe, though it is all very supernatural. The great Bible scholar R.A Torrey once said, “The secret of effectual living is knowing the power of the Spirit through the Word. The secret of effectual service is using the Word in the power of the Spirit. There are some who seek to magnify the Spirit, but neglect the Word. This will not do at all. Fanaticism, baseless enthusiasm, wildfire are the result. Others seek to magnify the Word, but largely ignore the Spirit. Neither will this do. It leads to dead orthodoxy, truth without life and power. The true course is to recognize the instrumental power of the Word through which the Holy Spirit works, and the living, personal power of the Holy Spirit who acts through the Word.”


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